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A Crisis in America PDF Print E-mail
Written by Gene Hudgens   
Think about this whether you consider the military as a career or consider entering the military only for a year or two. Realize that the entire U. S. Armed Forces accounts for only one percent of the American population and the other 99 % (especially too many of our government leaders), are not interested in adequately caring for the individuals in the America military. This "one percent" does 100 % of the dangerous hard work of providing security and defense for America and all Americans. The America media continually fails to properly educate all Americans of the sad situation of this one-sided devotion and patriotism.

Like no other profession, the military is most needed, least understood, least respected, and under paid professional in America.

Are Too Many Politicians Self-serving? PDF Print E-mail
Written by Gene Hudgens   
Since most voters in America consider themselves Christians, this is an area that every Christian should have an interest in.

     Only one percent of the American population is in the American military. This means that this one percent is doing 100% of the dangerous hard work of defending America, our life-style, and the freedom of all Americans (including every American politician).

     It is a shame and it is a disgrace when the American government (the politicians) chooses not to adequately care for this one percent that are daily in harms-way, getting wounded, getting disabled for life, and even giving their life for America and all of the 99% of Americans that are never in harms-way and do nothing for America's defense.

     The U. S. Armed Forces is the only occupation or profession in America that demands that all of its employees sign a contract agreeing to give their life for their country.  For this alone, the U. S. Armed Forces should be one of the highest paid profession in America, but instead many members endure a food stamp salary.

     Is this basically because the general public is not interested in its military in the first place? Is this because the media has not educated the American public of this fact and other sad conditions in the U. S. Armed Forces?
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