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My photoI'm a writer  who feels that Christians have a responsibility to help all humans on earth.

I love to write and have completed several manuscripts, including “Effective Sex-Ed, The New Millennium’s Answer to Earth’s Cry for Help”, “The Lady is a Killer” (about a female serial killer), “Vietnam Memories Fond” (the lighter side of the war), “Masturbation---The Only Logical Alternative”, “Survival…Life 101” (advice for teens), “A Psychopath Smiles, The Devil Grins, Another Girl Vanishes” (the Mafia’s international sex slave trade) and “Quietly Making a Difference” (review of a 28 year military career). I am also a member of and have submitted over 100 articles.

I was born in Nashville and finished high school in Amarillo. After 3 years in the Army, I returned to Amarillo and attended West Texas State.  In 1982, I retired from the military after serving 28 years. I presently reside in Germany with my wife and two children.

I enjoy addressing controversial subjects, in order to change attitudes and focus on helping others.   I am especially interested in adequate present and future medical care for our military members. Effective sex education for all children is paramount. Children must understand masturbation, condom use, birth control, desiring sexual satisfaction, responsibilities of marriage, child care, and personal health. Females must become educated, self confident, and stop feeling inferior to males. America and Christians must act to eliminate hunger and poverty and curable diseases for our earth. Saving the rain forests is a must. Our environment is a major issue. We are fools not to concentrate on sun and wind energy.

Thank you for visiting. I hope you find my website enjoyable and thought-provoking, and return to discover more.

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